Akerlof the market for lemons summary

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How to Read “Market for Lemons”

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How to Read “Market for Lemons”

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George A. Akerlof

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The Market for Lemons

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The lemons problem was put forward in a research paper, "The Market for 'Lemons': Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism," written in the late s by George A. Akerlof, an economist and. The Market for "Lemons": Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism Created Date: Z.

Yet when, in the late s, George Akerlof wrote “The Market for Lemons”, which did just that, and later won its author a Nobel prize, the paper was rejected by three leading journals. So, if you’re one of those people who were induced to debate the merits and demerits of George Akerlof’s “The Market for Lemons” ( [gated], [ungated]) because you read the Janet Yellet I like to think that creative people think non-linearly.

Professor Akerlof has graciously provided the photographs of himself appearing in this essay. – Editor. First published 14 November To cite this section MLA style: Writing the “The Market for ‘Lemons'”: A Personal and Interpretive Essay.

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Akerlof the market for lemons summary
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