Noun clauses for academic writing

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What is a Noun Clause? Definition, Examples of Nominal Clauses in English

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What are noun clauses?

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These types of clauses are very common in academic writing, especially when using reporting verbs (see Achieve Using Sources). Whereas a relative clause provides more information about a noun, a complement clause provides more information about a verb.

Features of academic writing

The following features are common in academic written texts: Subordinate clauses/embedding, Complement clauses In formal English, particularly writing, we often prefer to use a passive.

Compare: They're installing the new computer system next month. By far the most common noun affix in academic English is -tion.

Advanced Grammar for IELTS: Relative clauses

e.g. Last time, I looked at noun clauses. So let’s look now at noun phrases, and how to use them in the IELTS exam, shall we?

A noun phrase is a phrase that plays the role of a noun – it’s different from a noun clause in that it doesn’t contain a verb. Hi professor Hodges, I practice using the adjective clauses following the examples in the passage about the boy and family moving to Lancaster County,and I think if I continue using the relative pronoun and the relative adverb and the noun which the adjective clauses modify I will be able to write a good essay.

A noun clause is a kind of subordinate clause. It serves the same purpose as a noun. That means it can be the subject or object of the verb in the main clause. Study the examples given below. "Other noun clause starters do serve grammatical roles within the clause.

For example: We know who caused all the trouble. Here the noun clause starter is the relative pronoun who. Notice that inside the noun clause who serves as the grammatical subject of the .

Noun clauses for academic writing
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