Sumerian writing activity for second

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Kings of Sumer and Akkad

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Mesopotamia Activity Sheet 2nd Grade

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Apr 28,  · The Sumerian King List. According to the scholar Samuel Noah Kramer, “The first ruler of Sumer, whose deeds are recorded, if only in the briefest kind of statement, is a king by the name of Etana of Kish, who may have come to the throne quite early in the third millennium B.C.

In this activity students will be introduced to the world’s first writing system—cuneiform—as they work through the British Museum's Mesopotamia site interactive online activity The Story of Writing, available through the EDSITEment resource The Oriental Institute: The University of Chicago. Part Seven of The Giza Discovery.

Sumerian Mythology

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May 28,  · Travel to ancient Mesopotamia with your kids by carving your own unique cuneiform cylinder seals. This hands-on activity is the perfect way to /5(68). May 06,  · In this post, we’ll address a common question about how to write an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy to grant read-write access to an Amazon S3 bucket.

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Sumerian writing activity for second
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