Why are there no laws setting maximum wages for workers or minimum rents for housing

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Stuck! The Law and Economics of Residential Stagnation

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Or that its beaches and Sierra Nevada sunsets are no longer worth its housing costs and congestion? Minimum wage laws are unemployment drivers robbing under skilled workers the opportunity to acquire work experience and move up the ladder.

Fast food jobs (especially in CA) are not “livable wages.” there is no state income tax but. 1. There are federal and state laws setting minimum wages for workers.

There are also city laws setting price ceilings for housing rents. a. Why are there laws setting minimum wages for workers and maximum rents for housing?

Foodora joins the endless list of migrant wage thieves

b. Be sure to explain why you answered as you did, stating the logical reasons for reaching your conclusions. Question 1. There are federal and state laws setting minimum wages for workers. Government Price Controls Answer the following questions fully and clearly.

Be sure to explain why you answered as you did, stating the logical reasons for reaching your conclusions. 1. There are federal and state laws setting minimum wages 1 for workers. There are also city laws setting price ceilings for housing rents 2. a. Two of the most substantial criticisms of the minimum wage are 1.

it prices low-skilled workers out of the market (and there is no one more unskilled than an inexperienced teenager) and 2. it put % emphasis on pay as the only reward for work, while giving no credit for things like gaining valuable experience and skills.

VIETNAM Article 47(2) of the Housing Law in Vietnam sets a minimum of 30 square meters and a maximum of 59 square meters for urban ‘social housing.’ Decree 99/ Article 6(2) states that new flats cannot be smaller than 30 square meters.

Why are there no laws setting maximum wages for workers or minimum rents for housing
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